Dare to Achieve, by Gavin MacDougall

Centennial College

To mark Centennial College’s 50th anniversary as well as Canada’s 150th birthday, the college commissioned an outdoor mural at the new Centennial Residence and Culinary Arts Centre (CRCA) at Progress Campus. The winning design, entitled ‘Dare to Achieve’ by artist Gavin MacDougall, a graduate from Centennial’s Fine Arts Studio program, was unveiled on June 22.

“Art that’s in the public domain tells a bigger story, and so we started the President’s Art Project as a way of getting that art out there,” Centennial College President Ann Buller told the audience that gathered outside for the unveiling.

“It really does tell the story of courage, determination, and inclusiveness that has defined this institution for the past 50 years,” she said of the colourful mural. “Like the silhouettes in Gavin MacDougall’s work, we stand united in our commitment to helping every student not only to succeed, but soar, and that’s really what this image represents.”

Read more here, or watch a video of the reveal.