Digital Tools for Textiles: How They Are Being Used by a New Generation of NBCCD Designers


Which kind of maker are you? Do you surround yourself with physical materials – bits of string, balls of clay, stones and metal? Or do you set yourself down in front of a computer – ready to skillfully use your powerful virtual tools? Or maybe, you lie somewhere in between…

Craft is turning toward the future, a shift that is clearly apparent in the Textile Design studio. This is good news for those of us who are equally enthralled with technology and traditional technique: students like Erin Colwell, who hand dyes all of her yarn with natural materials, and then uses the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) knitting machine to create and execute botanical patterns.

It is a similar scene in the weaving room, where Emily Blair is using our CAD loom to transform a poem into an encrypted woven cloth. The loom helps to manage the complex patterns that Emily designs so she can focus on the enjoyment of weaving. This is a partnership, not an autonomous process. “I love it. It really facilitates sampling for complicated projects,” said Emily. “If you want to be making anything original you really need this technology to be able to design, especially in a project where there is no repeating pattern.”

The NBCCD 2-year Diploma in Textile Design is NOT the route to a carbon copy, inside-the-box job. Our alumni are excelling in an incredible array of entirely unique careers that they have designed.  If you want to make a living doing something both innovative and individual, let us show you how.

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