Emily Carr University grads launch Repair Matters, repair café in Vancouver

Emily Carr University

from the Georgia Straight:

For many people, a torn pair of jeans or a broken vacuum cleaner is solved by a quick trip to the mall. But imagine the amount of waste we’d save if we simply attempted to fix the items at our disposal.

It’s a modest concept, one that prompted four Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Simon Fraser University grads to establish Repair Matters in 2015. A Vancouver-based iteration of the repair cafés that have popped up across Europe and North America in recent years, Repair Matters conducts semimonthly events that join members of the community in an effort to mend faulty appliances, damaged clothing, and nonfunctioning household wares, among other objects.

“I love seeing things that may have gone to the landfill being fixed and someone getting a second life out of it, even if it’s for a few months,” Shea O’Neil, cofounder of Repair Matters, tells the Straight by phone.

Along with friends Jessica Beketa, Karen Byskov, and Jayde Chang, O’Neil works with a group of handy volunteers who serve as “fixers” at each café. The events typically take place at community centres, farmers markets, and neighbourhood houses, where members of the public are permitted to bring any broken objects they’re able to carry. The fixers and attendees then pool their knowledge and abilities to troubleshoot issues and propose courses of action—all free of charge.

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