Enactus Lambton has creating a farming revolution in rural Zambia 

Lambton College

Since its inception January 6, 2012, the 315 Lambton College students involved with Enactus have brought new meaning to the words entrepreneurship and innovation. Through compassion, dedication, and humanity, Enactus Lambton has managed to create a farming revolution in the Zambian towns of Hufwa, Gaali, Kasaka and 45 surrounding villages with their inspirational One Seed Project – a well-rounded enterprise that provides solutions to a multitude of social and infrastructure issues, combining alternative energy solutions, food security, healthcare, education, and financial literacy.

Enactus Lambton is a great reflection of the type of programs offered at Lambton College, and the One Seed project has helped raise the College’s international profile.

The success of the One Seed venture speaks volumes to the dedication of Lambton College students to their global community and the training they receive in their programs.

What’s really compelling about the One Seed story is that it started as a student-led project and has grown to garner support from public school, high school and post-secondary students who all want to get involved and help. Canadian farmers, and other members of the community have also come on board to lend their support. Together, they have built schools, lodging, a drip irrigation system, and a no-till farming revolution that has directly affected the lives of 32,000 people in rural Zambia.

This year, Lambton College students will expand the program to 10,000 new farmers, which will create a middle-class for 80,000 people – the equivalent to the city of Sarnia (where Lambton College is located) in only one year.

To learn more about the One Seed project, click here.