Former St. Clair College Graphic Art students launch cathartic exhibit in Southern Ontario

St. Clair College

from The Windsor Star:

Artist Dave Mutnjakovic started drawing as a cathartic way to deal with the challenges of living with Crohn’s disease.

“I nearly died when I was 14 because I was misdiagnosed,” said Mutnjakovic. “Suddenly I started drawing and it poured out of me for six years.”

Now 34, he works as an art educator and therapist in Montreal.

A Windsor native, he came home to do an exhibit with his friend and fellow artist Jay Santarossa at the Carrots N’ Dates café on Wyandotte St. Sunday night.

Café owner Neviana Nedeltchev, Santarossa and Mutnjakovic met at St. Clair College where they studied graphic art. In addition to an artistic flare, they also shared a common struggle with intestinal issues.

Nedeltchev also has Crohn’s disease while Santarossa has Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
So they light-heartedly called their art exhibit “Gutted.”

“It’s like all of our art has been gutted onto paper,” said Santarossa who specializes in screen printing, a labour-intensive process of layering color over stencils.”

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