George Brown College opens another BIM Visionarium lab

George Brown College

George Brown College opens its second Building Information Modelling (BIM) lab to help students develop digital skills in building design and modelling.

from the press release:

“The BIM Visionarium officially opened on Nov. 25, 2016 at the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies at Casa Loma Campus – the second space of its kind at the campus. BIM technology allows students, faculty and industry partners to create digital 3D models of buildings and then view them on massive display screens. BIM can be used in virtual design and construction-project procurement, building processes and facilities management.

“As the construction industry becomes increasingly specialized and complex, George Brown College is keeping pace by introducing new programs, facilities and technologies, while helping industry partners conduct critical applied research,” George Brown College President Anne Sado says.”

Read more about the new lab here, or watch a video about George Brown College’s work with BIM here.