Holland College’s culinary institute wins gold medals at international culinary competition in Germany

Holland College

from the press release:

“A team of young chefs from The Culinary Institute of Canada garnered two gold medals and placed fourth overall in a field of 57 teams in the World Culinary Olympics’ Regional Competition in Erfurt, Germany, recently.

It was a high-pressure competition for the five culinary and three pastry graduates, who were competing against seasoned professional chefs as opposed to chefs their own age. Chef instructor Kevin Boyce, one of the coaches who oversaw the team’s training for more than six months leading up to the event, said their ability to work together made them a force to be reckoned with by the time they landed in Germany.

“The team hit the ground running when we arrived in Erfurt. It was a lot of early mornings and late nights in the days leading up to the competition. These young chefs worked really well together. They were a cohesive team, and they represented our school, and our region, well,” he said.

Sean Burton, Tim Cuff, Ben Wood, Isabelle Chevarie, Kaitlyn Nixon, Sophie Hall, Rebecca Van Bommel, and Kaitlynn Broughton comprised the team, with instructors Joerg Soltermann, Christian Marchsteiner, Kevin Boyce and Hans Anderegg overseeing them during their training.

For the competition, the team prepared four types of hors d’oeuvres, a five-course meal, four types of petit fours, four dessert plates, a buffet platter, and three appetizers. Using ingredients almost exclusively from the Maritimes, including lamb, pork, halibut, lobster, and dulse, they prepared the dishes in a rented space and then, after working around the clock, transported the food to the Olympic venue, driving on the Autobahn, where the average speed is 120 km/h, with their food in dishes on their laps.”

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