Hope and Fear Exhibition

Portage College

Portage College Native Arts and Culture students and instructors were invited by the University of Alberta to produce a piece for ‘Hope and Fear Our Collective Response’. An exhibition by the University of Alberta and Portage College Art and Design Departments.

This artwork which incorporates caribou hair sculpting, porcupine quill plaiting, traditional leatherwork, beading, printmaking, digital arts, video, photography, and painting, was created by Native Arts and Culture Program students at Portage College in Lac La Biche, Alberta.

This piece is representative of numerous pathways of re-connection to ancestral roots, teaching and learning. Traditional teachings through modern technology is a powerful tool in the revival of culture and identity. With the constant connection to modern devices lays the opportunity to learn; there are Indigenous language apps you can download, the steps to hide tanning on YouTube, and QR codes like ours that lead you to a video that invites a sense of peace, creative inspiration, and a reminder that we are all connected.

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