I am my Ancestors…My Ancestors are me

Portage College

Amber Weasel Head is a visual artist, a student in Portage College’s Social Work program, and a graduate of the College’s Aboriginal Art Certificate program and its Artisan Entrepreneurship Diploma program. “I am my Ancestors… My Ancestors are me” tells her story:

“This film is about my connection with my ancestors. I am the first generation in my family to not experience the residential school system. Residential schools we put into place to assimilate our people. Many children were taken away from families and their way of life. The experience continues to echo through generations, yet, we are starting to find healing through our generations. Although my relatives experienced historical trauma, we are continuing to heal our spirits and reconnect with our ancestors. I come from strong people and strong traditions. I believe that as we continue to journey, we have to share the stories and continue to heal. I do not blame anyone for the pain, I only share the stories and find connections that will strengthen my spirit. The film is about knowing who you are, where you come from and where you will continue your path. My ancestors are with me through this journey, and I truly believe that I am my ancestors and my ancestors are me.”

Watch the video here.