In the face of rising energy costs, an embedded energy manager helps curb consumption and improve conservation

Fanshawe College

Energy conservation is a top priority for Fanshawe College, as it works to maximize its triple bottom line – the social, environmental and economic impact of the college.

To ensure a bright future for its many stakeholders, Fanshawe is partnering with London Hydro through Ontario’s Save on Energy conservation programs powered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Save on Energy helps businesses across the province realize significant savings and benefits, from increased competitiveness to improved operations to healthier bottom lines. In particular, incentives are available to help businesses launch an embedded energy manager position to act on specific energy-efficient goals, and achieve long-lasting returns on investment.

At Fanshawe, Nathan Gerber – the college’s first-ever energy coordinator – is excited by the cumulative conservation results happening across the campus. With 42 buildings, at 13 sites in four counties, Nathan and the Facilities team are constantly looking for new energy management opportunities (EMOs) to save money and limit the college’s carbon footprint.

The EMO projects range from simple, new processes that are regularly repeated to low-cost, one-time actions done at a reasonable price, as well as large-scale, high-pay-back retrofit plans for buildings and equipment. And, they all reinforce Fanshawe’s triple bottom line.

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