JIBC develops fentanyl safety resource for first responders


With overdoses and fatalities stemming from fentanyl use reaching epidemic proportions, the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) has launched a fentanyl website for first responders.

“First responders are currently adapting to the danger that fentanyl presents to their personal safety,” said Steve Schnitzer, director of the JIBC Police Academy. “The first step is improving our knowledge of the drug itself, and learning best practices in a variety of situations, such as handling drugs during a seizure or while responding to an overdose. The JIBC Fentanyl Safety website is one of several options for first responders to use as an online resource, to educate and protect themselves and their communities.”

Topics covered on the site include: what fentanyl is and why it is so dangerous for first responders; safe handling of suspected fentanyl; what is Naloxone and how it can save lives in cases of opioid overdoses; and job-specific information for law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel, and paramedics to help them stay safe when encountering fentanyl in the community.
While designed with first responders in mind, the website will be accessible to the general public to help bolster awareness of the dangers of the highly toxic narcotic.

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