Kelsi McInnes found her calling

Grande Prairie Regional College

Before Kelsi McInnes became a music therapist she first had to discover the profession existed.

It all started when the Manning, AB, native was working in part-time respite care as a university student. Her client was a little girl with spinal muscular atrophy.

McInnes found it incredibly fulfilling to help improve the well-being of another human being. She was also noticing how important the presence of music had become in her life.

“I thought, ‘if only there was a way to combine these two, that would be amazing,’” she says.

So she enrolled at GPRC for a diploma of acoustic music with a major in voice performance. She planned to transfer to a combined music and education bachelor’s degree – a way to use music to impact people’s lives positively.

It was in a GPRC hallway where she heard the casual remark that changed her life.

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