Lambton College Interior Design grad launches business to refurbish old furniture

Lambton College

from the Sarnia Journal:

Two friends with a penchant for painting and a need to clear their homes of pending furniture projects have teamed up to start a new painting and design business.

Leanne Fera, 42, and Giselle Saucier, 37, say they share a passion for taking old furniture and creatively refinishing it.

“I love attention to detail and I love how well-made older furniture is,” says Fera. “What is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.”

When they met, Fera had 20 years in the travel industry under her belt and her own business painting residential homes and refurbishing kitchen cabinets.

Saucier was – and still is – a piping designer at Worley Parsons. She also has a certificate from Lambton College in interior design and has operated a couple of her own businesses in the past.

Both took on furniture refinishing projects for fun and accumulated many pieces of furniture in their garages waiting to be painted.

“Our spouses were not thrilled with the accumulation,” said Saucier. They began to talk about renting a space for storage and a workshop.

That’s when they found 188 Maxwell St. near Christina, which was once a repair shop in the Keelan’s plaza.

“Before we knew it, we became a full-fledged business because this location had such a great showroom and a great work space,” said Fera.

They chose the name Meraki, a Greek word that means doing something with soul, creativity and love.

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