Lethbridge College adds new way of designing to its Interior Design Technology program

Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College Interior Design Technology program launches virtual-reality component to help both students and clients better visual projects.

from the Lethbridge Herald:

“There’s a new way of designing, and students at Lethbridge College are getting the chance to explore it firsthand.

Students in the Interior Design Technology (IDT) program are getting the opportunity to work in virtual reality.

“We’re just really launching virtual-reality experiences for interior design and architecture here at the school,” said Cherie Reitzel, Interior Design Technology instructor. “Our students do a lot of architectural illustration and I think people think a lot of times we just pick out wall colours, pillows and things like that but it’s so much bigger than that.”

The IDT program is hosting surRENDER, an open house event tonight at the college, which will give attendees an opportunity to learn more about the program, try out the virtual-reality goggles and hear about the limitless opportunities VR is providing them with.”

Read more about the IDT program here, or watch a virtual reality video from Lethbridge College here.