Local entrepreneur expands herbal recipes in collaboration with NAIT


from the Edmonton Journal:

Carrie Armstrong has a shop called Mother Earth Essentials (12318-111 Ave.), specializing in Indigenous-themed bath and body products, and tea. Now, the entrepreneur is poised to add a line of bottled cold tea to her brand, made with a carefully-researched and concocted herbal recipe developed in collaboration with NAIT.

Visitors to the Taste of New tent, part of Taste of Edmonton, will be able to sample this tea, starting at 5 p.m. today in Churchill Square.

The Taste of New tent has a theme daily and July 26 is Indigenous Day built around the theme of “mamawi mitso,” which is Cree for “eat together.” (Armstrong is of Indigenous heritage.) There are two types of tea, called Kikawinaw, which, roughly translated, means Mother Nature in Cree. Mountain Berries is composed of berries and fruit and sweetened with sugar from birch, a traditional plant. A herbal tea is made from stinging nettles, rose hip, and cardamom, among other nourishing plants.

“NAIT have been amazing partners, they have believed in the product and developed the formula for us and then, for a Taste of Edmonton, they have been letting us use their kitchen and giving us an assistant to make the fresh tea,” said Armstrong.

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