Mohawk College Sustainable Landscape Plan

Mohawk College

The Sustainable Landscape Plan (SLP) guides improvements to Mohawk’s outdoor spaces in a way that demonstrates Mohawk’s leadership in creating an environmentally sustainable educational setting. The SLP outlines a strategy that enhances the quality of life for campus users and the surrounding community. To date, the SLP has created several key green spaces at Mohawk College:

  • The Indigenous Gathering Place is the first outdoor space of its kind at any Ontario post-secondary institution. Students, faculty, staff and college partners are invited to use this unique space for teaching, learning, gathering and the sharing of Indigenous knowledge, culture and tradition.
  • The Mohawk College Terminal (MCT) is a central hub for transit on campus serving four bus routes that provide connections across Hamilton. By effectively integrating modes of transportation and supporting the safe, efficient movement of people, the MCT facilitates more than 3,500 transit trips each day.
  • Mohawk’sCommunity Garden provides space for students, staff and community to grow produce for personal consumption. There are 50 garden plots available with tools, soil and a rainwater harvesting system provided for all participants.
  • Created with support from WWF Canada, theRooftop Pollinator Garden is designed to attract bees and other pollinators native to Ontario. By encouraging a healthy pollinator population, this space supports local food production and a diverse, healthy plant population.
  • TheFennell Orchard is a celebration of the long history of farming on the lands that are now home to Mohawk’s Fennell Campus. The orchard includes more than 20 native fruit trees.

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