Mohawk uses 3-D Printing to bring campus to life for visually-impaired students

Mohawk College

Getting around a college campus- or any institution with a lot of different buildings is difficult even if you have full vision. So imagine how challenging it is for the visual impaired.

On a chance tour of Mohawk College’s Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre, visually impaired student Stephanie Leach realized there was an opportunity to make it easier for students to get around campus- by custom 3D printing a Braille campus map.

Believed to be the first of its kind, this new type of tactile map will be used by the visually impaired to navigate the campus. Each building hallway is represented by its own texture and a legend was created that provides examples of the textures, and labels the hallways in both text and braille.  The map colour scheme has been chosen to maximize contrast and to improve visibility for partially sighted students.

Mohawk College is currently implementing the use of this map at the College, with plans to further commercialize this concept with the CNIB and other organizations supporting the blind.

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