Monsters Rule at Selkirk College’s Tenth Street Campus

Selkirk College

Building on an educational foundation for both elementary and college students, the Selkirk College Digital Arts & New Media Program joined forces with Hume Elementary School for a spirited project that brought to life some wonderful creatures.

From the minds of Hume Elementary School students to the computer screens of Selkirk College Digital Arts & New Media Program(DANM) students, a cast of eye-popping monsters have been unleashed on Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus.

Hatched at the start of the Winter Semester when students in Kim Hammerich’s Grade 3/4 class put pencil crayons to paper, the younger students let their imaginations run wild with drawings of scary, cute and unique monsters. The elementary students then provided their monster drawings—including a bio on their creature—to the DANM class who expanded on the vision. The results were unveiled at the end of the semester when both classes got together for a monster celebration party.

“I thought it looked really close to what I was thinking and it’s really cute,” said Grade 3 student Grace Steer, who came up with the monster Mr. Wiggles. “When I saw what the Selkirk College student did to my drawing, I said ‘wow’ in my head.”

First-year DANM student Ryan Cavicchi worked with Steer’s original drawing, using the computer program Illustrator to create a colourful poster of Mr. Wiggles that had his elementary peer smiling bright.

“I thought her drawing was adorable and a really good starting point,” said Cavicchi. “I wanted to do my best to make it look close to her drawing because she did such a great job. I’m glad she’s happy with it.”

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