NBCCD Alumna Kelsey Schroeder: Fashion Photographer & Content Creator


Kelsey Schroeder, new graduate of the Photography Diploma, wasn’t even out the door before she was in high demand as a fashion photographer and content creator.

She did not wait to graduate to start building her business and she did not wait to have a career handed to her on a platter. She plunged headlong into blogging and social media, a proven method of establishing a solid presence both on and offline: “I like to stay on top of things so I’m always trying to think of content I can be creating, or sometimes I’ll have an idea for a shoot come to me and I’ll make that happen.”

Before she had crossed the stage she had already worked with local companies including TilleulWasted FashionBeauty by Autumn SmithModern KomfortEnvy, and Makeup and More by Kyra Dawn. She is probably best known for her photography for Wear Your Label, a clothing company with the noble aspiration of ending the stigma around mental illness. While still a student, she traveled to Los Angeles with the up-and-coming company to shoot their summer look book.

“When I started out I thought that weddings and photographing families and couples was the only route that I could take as a photographer in New Brunswick,” she said. “I love capturing emotion and telling stories in that way, but fashion photography really has my heart, and NBCCD helped me figure that out.”

Fashion photography is her great love, but all of her effort building her social media brand has paid off in a hundred different ways. The skills she developed to create engaging content are appealing to brands big and small, and by the time she had passed in her last Photography assignment, she had already landed a full-time position as Media Coordinator for Volvo and Mitsubishi.

Find out how the Photography program helped her get there: read on.