NBCCD Digital Media Diploma: Explore Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Technology


Imagine you are standing in front of a patient on the operating table. You hear the beep of the heart monitor.  Now imagine cutting into the patient’s chest.  Suddenly, you can see their beating heart, even reach down and touch it…

Of course, you can’t actually do this – or can you? “We are living at the tip of an explosion of Virtual Reality,” says Alan Edwards, Coordinating Instructor for the Digital Media program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD).

The advances are rapid, and the programs used to create VR environments are constantly being improved. Having the ability to respond quickly to these changes is one of the key features of the two year Digital Media Diploma at NBCCD.

The current program is splitting into three specialized streams.  Students will have the choice of 3D Animation/Virtual Reality, Web and Mobile Application Development, and Audio/Video Production. In their first year, students will take courses from all three subject areas, but in the second year, each student will decide which specialty stream they will pursue.  By far the most important asset to a Digital Media student is a strong imagination, a dedicated work ethic, and a willingness to keep learning beyond their classroom assignments.

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