NBCCD Textile alumna Monica Memory makes little things you didn’t know you wanted


Monica Memory.

Let that name sink in. How fitting that an artist with such an evocative name is in the business of making little memories. Each earring, each pendant, each pocket mirror is a tiny perfect illustration. Her work is reminiscent of childhood – bright and cute and bringing a smile to the lips every time.

She thinks of each item as a gift. Who do we give presents to? Are they avid gardeners, bird watchers, cat lovers? Ms. Memory’s creations remind us of a few of our favourite things.

Fashioning jewellery with gifting in mind has allowed her business to flourish. Though she started selling in craft sales, nearly two thirds of her business is now in wholesaling. She found many of those buyers at the Atlantic Craft Trade Show (ACTS), a Halifax event she first experienced with New Brunswick College of Craft and Design’s (NBCCD) annual student booth. Paper Pattern Silk is now carried in stores around Canada. Every year, the Etsy shop is inundated with orders.

Learn more about Monica here.