Niagara College’s Junior Culinary Team wins gold medal at Culinary Olympics in Germany

Niagara College

from the press release:

“Niagara College’s Junior Culinary Team Canada is proving that it has the recipe for success, after winning a gold medal in its first of two competitions at the Culinary Olympics.

The team from Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute competed in its first competition at the IKA /Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany on October 22: the Edible Buffet competition. During the rigorous five-hour marathon, teams must prepare a buffet consisting of finger food and terrines that are presented on a platter and two action stations – one for a main course and one for dessert. Teams are judged on factors including cleanliness, demeanour and efficiency, in addition to taste of food they prepare.

While each team begins the competition with a perfect score of 100, judges deduct points for any infractions. Gold medal standing is awarded to teams that achieve scores of 90 or higher at the competition, while teams that score 80 or higher are awarded silver and those with 70 or higher receive bronze.

The team received its results on October 23, as they were busy preparing for their second competition on October 24: a hot three-course luncheon competition for 60 people.”

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