Northwest Community College signs student exchange partnership with Australian Monash University

Northwest Community College

from the press release:

“An agreement between Monash University and Northwest Community College (NWCC) in Terrace, British Columbia will pave the way for students to start their studies in Canada and finish in Australia with an Associate Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters Degree.

It is the first triple transfer agreement between Monash University and any North American institution.

“We are excited to provide a pathway for more North American students to study at Monash University and be part of our international family,” said Monash University Dean of Arts, Professor Rae Frances.

Upon completion of their first two years at NWCC, students will transfer to Monash to complete their degree in two years or less, depending on the students’ individual study plan.

Provided they meet minimum academic requirements, they can then go on to complete a related Masters degree or a second degree in another field in just one more year of study.

NWCC President and CEO Ken Burt said the agreement would enable NWCC students to complete their studies at one of the world’s leading universities.

“As a College we pride ourselves on providing pathways to our students anywhere in British Columbia and increasingly the world,” he said. “Our students will get to study for two years in British Columbia and then in three years or less, complete a degree and a Masters from a university ranked in the top one percent of universities in the world.”

The agreement is expected to continue expanding to include more programs and opportunities.”

To read more, view the full press release here.