Olds College collaborates with Mountain View Food Bank on community beef donation program

Olds College

Olds College and the Mountain View Food Bank have partnered in a collaboration designed to address the growing demand for food in our community. Using our expertise and program facilities, Olds College will be giving back to the community that has supported us for many years. The goal of this initiative is to support the Mountain View Food Bank in serving an increasing number of clients impacted by a declining economic climate by donating Olds College resources and promoting this new initiative to our stakeholder network.

With our roots firmly planted in rural Alberta, and farmers and ranchers who have continued to invest in the hands-on education delivered at the National Meat Training Centre, we wanted to show our support by giving back to the central Alberta community and its citizens. By partnering with the Mountain View Food Bank, we are proudly supporting an essential service in our community.

Tanya McDonald, Acting Vice President, Advancement, Olds College

The College and Food Bank will work in concert to encourage external parties to donate beef to the Food Bank. The beef will be processed by the Olds College National Meat Training Centre and sent to back to the Food Bank, who hopes to fill 259 hampers per month, including three pounds of donated hamburger. This would require a donation of two animals per month.

The National Meat Training Centre sees all of our proceeds go back towards our program, and we are appreciative of the support that we continue to receive from the community. We hope that others might see this partnership as an opportunity to donate beef to the Mountain View Food Bank, so we can process it and address the growing demands of our community.

Brad McLeod, Program Manager, Olds College National Meat Training Centre

Students enrolled in the Meat Processing program in the College’s National Meat Training Centre will process the beef. Processing the meat comes with supplementary costs of approximately $150 per animal, which covers the cost of wrapping and Government-mandated labelling.  As such, the Food Bank is also seeking cash donations to help cover these costs.

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