Panama Bilingual Project Leadership at Centennial College

Centennial College

As part of this special project developed by the President of Panama, as many as 10,000 professors from Panama will study abroad for the purpose of becoming fluent in English, and to acquire teaching skills for leadership in education.

Centennial College was chosen as the first college in Canada to receive students in January 2015 and has become an integral part of this important project. The sixth group sponsored by the government of Panama to study “English Language Learning” (ELL) and “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) programs graduated from Centennial College in March 2017.

“You find professors here that teach you how to grow up as a person and as a professional. This world needs people like the ones we found at Centennial College; that make you believe in yourself and help you to raise your self-esteem, to believe that you are important to the world.” says Carlos Peréz, TEFL Graduate.

On October 10-11, 2017, Centennial will host an event and conference organized by the Government of Panama and Minister of Education Panama for 60 attendees from Universities and Colleges in Canada, England, and USA that participate in the Panama Bilingual Project.

Watch the “Panamá Bilingüe” Video.