Parkland College sharing its expertise in Jamaica 

Parkland College

In November 2016, Parkland College concluded an 18 month CICan international project in Jamaica. Parkland College worked with HEART Trust/NTA, a training institution with locations across Jamaica, to facilitate a Youth Skills Development programme, jointly funded by the Canadian Government (Global Affairs) and the British Government (DFID). The goal was to take unemployed at-risk youth and improve their skills to transition them to further education or straight into employment.

Using its expertise in Essential Skills, Parkland College led workshops and courses for both staff and students. During the project, almost 600 Jamaican youth gained life-changing Essential Skills and Employability Skills. Staff from HEART Trust and Community Training Interventions who participated in these sessions are now training others, building capacity throughout the country and ensuring the sustainability of new skills and knowledge. Approximately 80 staff were trained as trainers in instructional, counselling, and gender equality strategies.

The project created a proven model of success for pre-vocational education in Jamaica to adopt to better engage underserved youth. Without this pre-technology program, these young people would not have the opportunity to advance into skills training.

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