Selkirk College alumnae embody homegrown philosophy at Lōkel Hair Studio

Selkirk College

The owners of Nelson’s chic Lōkel Hair Studio personify their namesake. It doesn’t get much more local than the duo Ashely Simon and Michelle Devine. They were locally born and raised, locally schooled and are now local business owners.

“We’re local to Nelson. Our families are local to Nelson. Our learning is local to Nelson,” says Simon.

Selkirk College Hairstylist Program offered Simon and Devine a chance to build on a dream right in their own community. It’s a foundation that’s taken them far without leaving home.

Michelle Devine graduated from LV Rogers Secondary in 2002. Working in the salon industry was a family practice she resisted at first.

“I tried all the desk jobs after high school and was complaining to my grandma over dinner one night that I hated it so much. My grandma said Michelle go to hair school. It’s in your blood,” she said.

“I instantly loved it,” says Devine. “My instructors spent a lot of extra time with me, pushing me to go further. They supported me going into competitions. That was really special and got me far in this industry right off the bat.”

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