Setting The Bar 

College of the Rockies

Fernando Arteaga was born and raised in Ecuador where he had a budding career as a lawyer.  Intrigued by the common law legal tradition in North America, he felt an urge learn more about it.  Ecuador operates under a civil law tradition – meaning that, unlike Canada’s common law tradition which relies primarily on precedents, they have comprehensive, continuously updated legal codes that specify which issues can be brought before a court, the procedure for dealing with each issue and the appropriate punishment.

Knowing he would need to improve his English skills to meet the academic standards of an English-speaking country, Fernando began to explore his educational options.  Having heard great things about Canadian colleges and universities, he paid a visit to the Canadian consulate in search of additional information.  In the end, he applied to two Canadian colleges – and College of the Rockies quickly responded back.

“It was impressive how the College provided me with all the information I needed- in my own language,” he says.  “By the time I was contacted by the other college, I had already made up my mind to attend College of the Rockies.”

Initially, Fernando’s plan was to complete his English Language program at the College, register for a Master’s degree program and then return home to Ecuador.  His time at the College changed that.

“My decision to attend College of the Rockies was the beginning of an exciting journey.  It changed everything,” he says. “At the College, because my instructors were so approachable, I spent many hours talking to them. At first we would talk about courses and classes but eventually some of my instructors became my mentors and friends.”

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