Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production: Seeking Solutions with Livestock Producers

Olds College

In September 2016, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) announced the development of a series of state-of-the-art research facilities to be established across Canada. One of these research centres, the Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production, has been awarded to Olds College.

The new centre will help livestock producers by enhancing production efficiency and promoting herd health and welfare by providing access to new research and technologies.

“Despite only being announced in September, we have hit the ground running,” explains Dr. Al Schaefer, Manager of the Technology Access Centre. “We already have a great deal of research underway and we hope that our results will help livestock producers increase the efficiency and health of their herd.”

When you look at the state of the livestock industry, the trend has been to see costs increasing at a faster rate than the market prices. In order for producers to see profit from their operation, they need to look at ways to not only minimize cost, but to also maximize income. Much of the TAC research will be geared towards decreasing costs and maximizing profits for the producer.

One of the technologies that is already being utilized in this research is the GrowSafe™ System, an RFID based data acquisition system which measures the amount of feed each animal eats, to help the producer better determine the ability of the animal to convert feed into muscle. If a producer has more efficient animals in the herd, they will be able to see their feed costs decrease dramatically.

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