Technology Fair reveals bright student ideas

Centennial College

Centennial College vaulted into the Top 10 Canadian Research Colleges ranking for 2016, the first time in the college’s history. There is no finer way to showcase the next generation of innovators at Centennial than with the Technology Fair put on by the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS). The college’s 7thannual fair was held on April 11 in the Event Centre space at Progress Campus.

On display were nearly 50 “capstone” projects, which required students to solve challenging problems by designing and building their final products to demonstrate their solutions. The fair presented an opportunity to not only to show off their results, but to liaise with college staff, other students and even industry partners, including Honda Canada, the Canadian Navy, Pearson Education, Cimetrix Solutions, Balluff Canada, SMC and others on hand.

The research projects spanned a wide range of technologies, from bio-remediation of heavy metals in soil, to wave energy capture devices, toothbrush sterilization solutions, remote video-sensing robots, flywheel energy storage devices, floating forest design concepts, remote-controlled lawnmowers, flour disinfectants and E. coli studies of beach sand. Staff members from Centennial’s Applied Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES) department were among the judges. As ARIES Executive Director Dr. Deepak Gupta noted, “I’m continually amazed by what the students come up with.”

Dr. Patrick Kelly, Dean of SETAS, congratulated participants and presented the 2017 Dean’s Award to Deesha Daswani and Anushree Ranade for their project, “Quantitative and Qualitative Assay of Toothbrush Dwelling Microorganisms.” The pair had compared fungal content of toothbrushes with silica gel absorption caps, versus those without. What drew the students to the investigation? “You start and end your day with a toothbrush!” remarked Daswani.

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