The Outlet

Northern College

from Timmins Today:

Like a real version of The Magic School Bus, Northern College says its implementation of virtual reality is one of the most advanced in the world.

Northern College says that, as a college, it has one of the most advanced virtual reality labs in the world – and the equipment is freely available for the general public’s use.

Last fall, the college installed two new state-of–the-art HTC Vive VR systems.

The new equipment lets people not only look through virtual reality but, by mapped sensors and movements, allows people to actually move through 3D Space.

The new VR setup was publicly launched on the first day of the semester.

Not only can users move through complex 3D virtual world simulations but by the tracking of hand movements via sensors in nunchuck-style controllers, they can grab and touch virtual objects.

The equipment was brought to Northern College by a joint partnership between the Northern College Entrepreneurship Centre and the Learning Centre.

It is housed in the college’s Creative Outlet, an on-campus maker space that also includes 3d Printers, a CNC machine, electronics and computer making kits, sewing equipment, and a simple room to brainstorm thoughts nicknamed ‘The Idea Generation Chamber’.


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