The Production Studio

Portage College

Portage College’s Production Studio was created to serve faculty and staff creating e-learning interactive media or engaging videos for their online courses. The studio includes two private training booths with video editing and eLearning software, a white cyclorama wall with various backdrops, lighting, video, audio and photography equipment as well as an Instructional Media developer to train you. The studio is also utilized by staff for photographing food for the grill lunch specials as well as documenting items for the Museum of Aboriginal Art and Artifacts and placing them on our virtual museum.

In addition, the college is also incorporating the studio into student learning. Programs are developed with media enhancement outcomes for their portfolio planning and creation. For example, the Hairstyling Program students will be learning from a media specialist how to take properly lit photos for their hair models, create eye catching videos, like cinemagraphs, for promoting their talents once they leave the college.


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