Yukon College artistic collaboration explores climate change in northern communities

Yukon College

A collaborative project from Yukon College art students looks to tackle climate change through multimedia:

from Maclean’s:

“A collaboration between Yukon College’s school of visual arts in Dawson City, its Yukon Research Centre in Whitehorse and the University of Saskatchewan is adding a human dimension to the science of climate change. “We are trying to synthesize what the physical scientists and traditional knowledge holders have observed,” explains project director Graham Strickert, an adjunct professor at Yukon College and an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s school of environment and sustainability. The goal is to make climate-change research more relevant to northern communities through a multimedia project, which has a deep understanding of the impact of climate change on traditional land use and goes beyond the “loading-dock model, where scientists drop a report on policy makers and hope they do the right thing.”

Called Changing Landscapes and Northern Ways of Life, the three-year project began in 2015 and is primarily funded with $240,000 from the federal Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. In the summer of 2016, four visual arts students recorded stories from elders, artists and other community members in Old Crow, Yukon and Jean Marie River, N.W.T. They took more than 2,000 photographs, 68 audio recordings and 268 videos to document stories about climate-change impact, such as disappearing landmarks that figure in oral history and culture.”

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